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S.N.A.P. Into Action

Create a powerful connection between you and your community with our potent, content-driven environmental action program like no other program you have ever seen.  Rally people of all ages around solutions to local environmental challenges with a medium that instantly energizes and inspires immediate action, brings people together around environmental solutions, and leaves behind a way to sustain the message for the future.  Project S.N.A.P. will collaborate with you to:

  • Strengthen relationships within your community and build new ones around finding solutions to your community’s environmental challenges
  • Give thousands of people of all ages a chance to speak out about preserving the earth and its resources using art with a message
  • Connect with other environmental and municipal leaders in your community to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Inspire the entire community to take ownership of environmental challenges and have a personal connection and a long term investment in environmental action
  • Tap into creative solutions from children and adults to help re-energize your efforts
  • Expand and enhance environmental education programs by giving participants new ways to learn about local environmental issues
  • Attract media attention and recognition to help spread the word
  • Raise awareness about your initiative in the larger community and with millions more online through showcasing your mosaic mural and the artworks in it in our Online Art Museum.
  • Give everyone a chance to become a part of the largest treasury of art with a message in the world.

S.N.A.P. Into Action will bring people of all ages together to lead, speak out, and take action using art with a message. 

Zoo Click here to see how other envrionmental initiatives have been achieved with with the help of Project S.N.A.P.

Contact us today and we’ll collaborate with you to design your own S.N.A.P. Into Action Program.


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