Project S.N.A.P.

We bring people together by reimagining community engagement.

We cultivate community – in the same physical or virtual space – as part of any campaign or event. Whether it’s the opening of a new facility, a milestone celebration, a new initiative, an expansion of services, or any priority, we provide a platform for thousands of people of all ages to get inspired, become more aware, and be more engaged.

Building new relationships
in innovative and exciting ways.

We inspire new conversations and relationships with thousands of people in communities, one person at a time. Everyone has a story to share and a gift to give and this vast network of stakeholders become ambassadors for causes they care about. Together with our partners, we leave a legacy that ripples across the community for generations.

Impacting millions of people every day with Project S.N.A.P. programs.

We combine the power of individual voices through art, written messages, and film to form a collective voice that is expressed through giant mosaic murals that are publicly displayed physically or virtually. Everyone can see how they fit into the “big picture”. Check out some of the many initiatives we are leading across the country.

Bringing Project S.N.A.P.
to your community

We are passionate about bringing Project S.N.A.P. programs to every community across country and around the world. Through our collective voice, we can transform our communities one person at a time.