Project S.N.A.P. is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people of all ages to communicate about issues that are important to them, collaborate around a common goal and develop the skills and insights necessary to become socially responsible leaders promoting positive change in their communities.

We bring thousands of people together in communities across the country through our unique programs.  Whether we partner with an organization, a community, a school, city, or state, our programs highlight important milestones as we collectively increase loyalty, enhance donor relations and fundraising efforts. With a profound impact on every participant, our programs strengthen relationships and create new opportunities for community partnerships and initiatives.

Our core values are so important to us that we included them in our name: Share, Nurture, Act, Preserve

These values are woven into everything we do at Project S.N.A.P. We are a collaborative team that shares new ideas and perspectives with each other and with our partners. We nurture those ideas and take action to achieve our mission. Every artwork and every message that is submitted to us represents a unique voice, and we work diligently to be sure that we preserve that individual voice in our archives and in our Online Art Museum.