Together we shared conversations about the health and wellbeing of our community. Gifts of creative expression were offered through words and images to express hope, inspiration and encouragement.

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Exceptional Care Belongs to All of Us!

Learn more about how 10,000 individual works of art were created by school children and adults of all ages, including our valued patients, community members and caregivers.

  • We care!

    We care!

    Families from across the community joined together to express what exceptional care means to them and their families.

  • We share!

    We share!

    The Cone Health Women’s Only 5K brought supporters together to fund mammography scholarships and for the past two years, participants also shared their stories and donated gifts of art as well.

  • We participate!

    We participate!

    Guilford County public and private school students embraced the Mosaic Mural initiative by sharing what health and wellness means to them.

  • We give back!

    We give back!

    Grateful patients offered inspiration for others through their artistic creations.

  • We serve!

    We serve!

    Hundreds of caregivers participated with images and words of hope and comfort including chaplains, nurses, therapists, physicians, environmental services and technicians.

  • We matter!

    We matter!

    The voices of patients were incorporated through their creative expressions. Volunteers facilitated art collection activities within and outside the hospital to include residents of assisted living and retirement communities.

  • We inspire!

    We inspire!

    Leaders from across Cone Health were eager to add their vision and participate in creating the “big picture”.

  • We are right here with you!

    We are right here with you!

    Cone Health recognizes the importance of stewarding exceptional care for generations to come.

  • A Community-wide Collaboration

    A diverse group of individuals donated their gifts of creative expression, sharing unique words and images of hope, inspiration and encouragement. The mosaic mural celebrates the history, the people, the culture and the natural beauty of our region and reminds us that Cone Health belongs to the communities we serve.

    The Mural Story

Thanks to all of you who contributed!

Through an online virtual art museum, participants will be able to find their unique contribution and where it fits into the “big picture.” As with all the great pieces of art, there is a story to be told in every image. It begins with the story of Cone Health, which opened in 1953 as The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. The mural portrays Cone Health’s relationship with the history, people, culture and the natural beauty of our region. Throughout the mural are images of what health and well-being means to our community. If you participated, search for your artwork!