• Color a World Without Type One

    Join thousands across our region to raise awareness to create the vision of a world without Type One.

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Create an artwork for this year's JDRF Michigan and Northern Ohio mosaic mural. Share your thoughts on how we are stronger together turning type one into type none!



    "I created a drawing a multi-colored flowers with their stems wrapped around each other. This was to show that we are stronger together. I choose bright colors for my drawing as well to create an uplifting feeling."



    "My artwork signifies dreams coming true. A house is being lifted by balloons meaning spirits being lifted in children. I decided to include the word "inspire" spirit throughout only the blue balloons. That choice was because blue is one of the main colors of JDRF. I chose bright colors to give and represent happiness in life, no matter how hard it may get. The balloons keep the house up like the hope for a cure keeps diabetic children's spirits up. Overall, my artwork's theme would be joy."



    "When we stand together we can find a cure for Type One!"



    "My artwork is meant to show the beauty and braveness of people with type 1 diabetes through the use of color. The word inspired is placed on the insulin pump to show that we need to encourage people with type 1 diabetes to dream and shoot for their goals no matter what."



    "I love the idea of people coming together for a call to action, and I know that these days especially people have to fight for their health. I hope JDRF gives people equal and fair opportunities to be healthy and happy."



    "The bees and the yellow centers of the colors are the accent points of the drawing which give off a happy feeling. The bees are the something good in every day because they help the flowers stay alive and thrive, similar to what insulin does for people who have diabetes. This drawing helps show that even when things aren't so good, there is always something positive to think about."



    "This picture shows how people with diabetes are capable of doing anything that anyone else is capable of. The girl in the picture has type 1 diabetes, but that is not stopping her from running faster than anyone else. Her shirt says the word "STRONG" because that is what she is-strong and capable of doing anything she puts her mind to. Diabetes is just one part of her life, but it doesn't define her. Until a cure is found, this girl will continue to be strong, proving that she is just as capable as anyone else."



    "I drew this with the hope that we find a cure and that millions of people are helped."

  • Stronger Together

    Join with thousands of members of the JDRF community helping to create this year's mosaic mural.

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A Closer Look at a JDRF Mosaic Mural

Check out last year's mosaic mural created by combining the artworks of JDRF families and members of our community. You can zoom into the final mosaic to explore more. If you participated search for your artwork here.