Action for Earth: Good Earth, Great Food

Library program engages students, families and the larger community
in a program focusing on healthy eating and community organic gardening.

Created by over 6,000 children and their families, librarians, teachers, and community leaders from across Westland, Michigan, this mosaic mural highlights the process of collaboration in which participants used art with a message to share solutions to their community’s environmental challenges and the importance of healthy eating.

Families created artwork at special public mural days and submitted artwork directly from their schools. The mural connected their artwork to their project of planting a new organic community garden.

The mosaic was unveiled in April 2010 where participants were recognized by the Mayor of Westland and had the chance to look up their artworks and find their location in the giant mosaic using the Project S.N.A.P. Online Art Museum.


In my artwork I created a table filled with organic fruits and vegetables from the garden. The mosaic is like a big garden, filled with so many good things to eat in many of the artworks.