Operation Proud Nation 2015

Students, families, active duty military, and veterans nationwide show appreciation
for the military in a mosaic mural on display at the Pentagon.

Operation Proud Nation is a national program that is part of a partnership between the Ford Motor Company Fund and Project S.N.A.P. designed to give participants the opportunity to thank members of the military for their service and commitment.

This program culminated in the creation of a giant 4’x8’ mosaic mural currently on display at the Pentagon.  The mosaic mural was created from nearly 6,000 artworks contributed by high school students, active duty military, military families, and veterans. Participants created artworks and wrote artist’s statements reflecting on the importance of expressing gratitude for the service and sacrifice that members of the military and their families give for their country.  A copy of each artwork created was also mailed to active duty military serving overseas as part of their holiday packages.

The theme of the mosaic mural image entitled “Coming Home” draws on the importance of supporting members of the military, acknowledging the selfless choices veterans, members of the military and their families  make every day.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for protecting me so that I can live a life free of worry and free of concern. Thank you for all of the brave things that you do to make our country safe.

Participants can access the mosaic mural online in the project S.N.A.P. Online Art Museum, read and share their artist’s statement, and see how their artwork fits into the “big picture”. The mosaic mural is also on display in the “Featured Programs” in the Project S.N.A.P. Online Art Museum.

Reproductions of the original mosaic mural are on display in the participating cities. Participating schools also have the opportunity to display the mosaic mural and create a chance for students to learn more about this initiative and appreciate the results of their collaboration.