Third Level-Growing,
Changing, Thriving

Third Level marked 40 years of service to the community
in a unique community engagement program.

Third Level marked 40 years of service to the community in 2011 and partnered with Project S.N.A.P. to create its 40th Anniversary Mosaic Mural.  The goal of the program was to bring together people from the 27 counties that Third Level serves and to include everyone in the 40th Anniversary celebration. The program provided the community with an opportunity to celebrate Third Level’s history and participate in its future by contributing artworks that expressed “What Third Level means to them”.

The large scale mosaic mural serves as an acknowledgement and permanent tribute to Third Level and its tradition of helping people in crisis grow, change and thrive throughout the past 40 years and into the future.

Third Level provides 24 hour crisis intervention and prevention, free legal services, and the full continuum of care for runaway, homeless, street youth and youth in at risk environments.

My students really enjoyed the project because they had to think about feelings and emotions and about their friends... they put themselves in a position to help someone, it was a thoughtful experience, to sit and think about how can I help someone else who is struggling.

What i drew was a little seed growing into a big flower because a lot of people out there think they are worth nothing and they are not going to be anything. But you can grow into something big like a flower. When people see my artwork I want them to think that there is a place for them in the world and they are not a dull little seed and they can be something special.
Participants are be able to access the mosaic mural online in the Project S.N.A.P. Online Art Museum, and see how their artwork fits into the “big picture” as well as the artist’s statement that they wrote.