• Giant Mosaic Mural On Display in the New Pavilion at Riddle Hospital

    Patients, families, staff, donors, and students from across the region, shared their personal thoughts about improving the health of our community today and tomorrow.

  • Engaging the Riddle Hospital Community

    Learn more about the thousands of artworks and messages contributed by our community.


You Matter Most: Improving the Health of the Community, Today and Tomorrow

Thousands of people of all ages contributed artworks to help create the “big picture”.



    A lot happens within the walls of the hospital. Many difficult moments pass slowly by. But also, many beautiful and hopeful moments occur. It is the existence of such moments that makes health care a magical field. Riddle Hospital is home to quality patient care by empathetic providers who see a patient as a human individual, not a diagnosis. It is a wonderful place.



    Sometimes life can be hard, but you just have to keep blooming like a flower.



    I felt that self-love was one of the most important qualities that people should strive for or prioritize. Therefore, by building up oneself, all other aspects of life become more enjoyable. That feeling was what I wanted to depict in this drawing.



    My artwork is two Hearts. Hugging with a message that reads you matter to us.



    As a Riddle Hospital volunteer, I have found that a smile goes a long way toward comforting patients. The best part is when they smile back, their anxiety is reduced. It's a win-win!



    An artwork that embodies my role in pulmonary and critical care medicine. We will continue to grow and excel in those fields just as Riddle and Main Line continues to grow.



    The entire Riddle Hospital community comes together to take the absolute best care of our patients with the top level of care and compassion.



    I choose healing because every patient is here for that, and we should treat patients with full hearts and love to help them through their healing process which is not easy.

Community Voices

Learn more about the Riddle Hospital Mosaic Mural from some of the thousands of people in our community who contributed artworks.

  • Bharti, Vishal, & Rithik

    Being a part of this mosaic with our family represents how Riddle is like a family to the community and everyone around us. Most of our patients who come to Riddle Hospital live in this community and feel so close to the physicians and the staff members.  We call ourselves a part of the family not just for the hospital but also for our surrounding community in the care that we provide not just medical, but also social outside of the medical care.

  • Rasheeda

    I found that working at Riddle Hospital and for Main Line Health, the one thing that I can say is we all care for one another, as co-workers, as family, and for our patients. That is why I chose to do the care emoji, because we care.

  • Deb

    Being part of the mosaic I feel honored to be part of the bigger picture.  I’m really proud of the fact that these artworks will stay here in the hospital long after I leave and will be part of the legacy here at the hospital. So, I feel honored to be part of the bigger picture and to create something that’s going to stay around for a long time.

  • Gabe & Lisa

    Being part of the mosaic, I feel proud of myself, proud of my community, and proud that we could come together and do this for the common good. – Gabe

    Being part of the mosaic, I feel a sense of satisfaction because so many of us have lived in this area our entire lives and have depended on this community of nurses and doctors and staff members our entire lives, so to be able to continue to show that kind of gratitude in this artwork certainly is satisfying for me. – Lisa

  • Michael

    The mosaic says about our community that we’re all one big family, from our employees to the staff members, from doctors to nurses to our senior administration – making sure that we give our best support to our patients so that they leave the hospital feeling like they had the best day that they could have possibly had, they got everything they needed to get better and to keep moving forward with their lives and into their future.  When you step through the doors at Riddle Hospital, we’re all just one big family here.

  • Nadine

    In my artwork, I created a stiletto for women, and also I wrote in the heel the word “yourself”.  Along the shoe line, I wrote love, and then positivity and respect.  It’s wonderful for the community to come to Riddle Hospital to show their love.

  • Caroline

    I’ve been a lifelong member of this community and was really excited to participate in this project.  I think it’ll be great for the hospital.  My family also participated and it will be a wonderful addition to Riddle Hospital.

  • Jon

    I’m an Emeritus board member of the Riddle Healthcare Foundation and I’m also the chair of the board of Riddle Village.  Several Riddle Village residents contributed artwork to the Project S.N.A.P. mural here and we’re happy to participate.  There’s no greater service to the community than providing education, good health, and well-being to all.

  • Emily

    It’s powerful to see a variety of abilities and perspectives united in one piece of art – and I think it’s representative of our community and the power that art really has to change people.

  • Selma

    Riddle Hospital represents comradery.  The sense of belonging, in a community, helping it grow. I’ve seen it grow over the years. It’s like my family and I do think a lot of people think of it as part of their family.

  • Srinita, Devisree & Aanya

    When people see the mosaic, people’s values, thoughts, and feelings are in one place, and that’s what unity is.  I think it’s a good thing. – Srinita

    When people see my artwork, I hope that they see how a bunch of people came together to support this cause. – Devisree

    Being part of the mosaic, I feel that with my small piece of artwork,  I am part of a big picture.  So when people come in, they can see a colorful mosaic. – Aanya

  • Tracy

    When people see the mosaic, I hope that they will feel a sense of community and support within the hospital setting; for them as individuals and also for their families and the team overall at the hospital, providing medical care.

  • Advancing Health Care in Our Community

    As we look towards the future we are thrilled to be embarking upon the most significant facility improvement in Riddle’s nearly 60-year legacy.

A Commitment to Excellence, a Culture of Caring

Take a look at the mosaic mural created for Riddle Hospital. Thank you to all who participated!