The process begins with an idea for an individual to express.

This can be the opening of a new facility, a new initiative, new leadership, an expansion of services, any idea that is an important priority. We communicate that to an individual who internalizes the idea and creates an artwork sharing their perspective. This takes place at events, meetings, small gatherings, at home with family, in school, online or anywhere.

The impact on one person ripples throughout the community and allows us to communicate one on one, on a scale of 1,000 – 5,000 – or even 10,000 people at a time with many layers of engagement along the way.

FlyoutFlyout piece

The artwork is collected and catalogued. Together the artworks create the “big picture”.

The final mosaic mural can take many forms. It can be a large installation in a lobby, a virtual experience hosted by Project S.N.A.P., a kiosk, a poster, a video mosaic, or anything we imagine together.

Participants can search for their artwork and see how they fit into the “big picture” using the Project S.N.A.P. Online Art Museum and share their messages and voices with their family and friends.

It’s an opportunity to build relationships with families, sponsors, donors, employees, media, and the whole community.

Everyone shares their story and a piece of themselves. Thousands are inspired and excited to participate and give even more. There are opportunities for recognition and stewardship with many ways to strengthen relationships and build new ones.

The Project S.N.A.P. experience leaves a legacy for generations.

Through our collective voice, we can transform our communities one person at a time. We are passionate about bringing Project S.N.A.P. programs to every community across the country and around the world.