Action for Earth: Greening Up Our Community

Library program engages students, families and the larger community
in a program to beautify their city park.

Created by over 6,000 children, families, librarians, environmental leaders, teachers, principals, and community leaders from across Oak Park, MI, this mosaic mural represents the unique process of collaboration where participants use art with a message to share their personal perspective on solutions to their community’s environmental challenges and the beauty of the nature that surrounds them.

Families not only had a chance to create artwork at special public mural days but also had the opportunity to submit artwork from their schools and connect their artwork creation to an action project in which they participated in the cleanup of the largest park in the city.

The mosaic was unveiled in May 2010 where participants were recognized by the Mayor of Oak Park, School District leaders, and environmental leaders. Following the unveiling, every participant had the chance to look up their artworks and find their location in the giant mosaic using the Project S.N.A.P. Online Art Museum.



We learned had a chance to really get to know all about our local park and how we can work together to keep it clean. We even had a chance to plant trees! My artwork has a red-tailed hawk flying over the park and trees and flowers that grow in the park.